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  • Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Jan 22,2018 12:21 AM EST
    Malcolm, thank you. I have to better think through the eave brackets and venting.
  • Rob Hunter | Jan 22,2018 12:08 AM EST
    Also, I'm still puzzled about the "how many zones" question: do I need a zone for each BR, or should I just use a good set of fans to move conditioned air around the house?
  • Rob Hunter | Jan 22,2018 12:07 AM EST
    Location is Santa Rosa; heating is 29, cooling is 95 (although if I had data for the specific site microclimate, it might be a couple degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer. I'm meeting ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jan 21,2018 11:30 PM EST
    Ethan, A couple of things seem unclear. - The structural brackets help support the cantilevered 2"x4's on the flat, but what supports the structural brackets? How is the loading carried ...
  • Caroline Di Diego | Jan 21,2018 11:10 PM EST
    Mike, I would not consider the water storage inside/under the house. My idea was to use the 30,000 galleons to provide the geothermal mass for heat exchange for a radiant floor (concrete ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jan 21,2018 11:02 PM EST
    Ethan, Why are you using foam to insulate the foundation wall, rather than under the slab and thermal mass?
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jan 21,2018 10:56 PM EST
    Lance, Don't forget that some headers require more than one stud for support.
  • Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Jan 21,2018 10:55 PM EST
    I meant:MOST discussion is about insulated basements... This is slab on grade but due to site constraints I can't do raft slab or FPSF.
  • Dana Dorsett | Jan 21,2018 09:58 PM EST
    Getting to the HVAC solution starts with well executed heating and cooling load calculations at the 99% & 1% outdoor design temperatures. ACCA Manual-J methods are enshrined in CA Title 24 code ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jan 21,2018 09:43 PM EST
    Mike, I understand the impulse to build an enduring house, but I'm not sure that choosing materials that will last centuries is an effective way to ensure it will still be there in that ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Jan 21,2018 09:32 PM EST
    If you insulate & air seal the foundation & perimeter there is no NEED for the 3" of open cell under the subfloor between the basement & first floor. The band joists and foundation sills are ...
  • Lance Peters | Jan 21,2018 09:25 PM EST
    Dana, regarding time + humidity cycling of paper breaking it down over time, any thoughts as to how that would affect paper as an insulator in a dense-pack wall application? I mean, the structure ...
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | Jan 21,2018 08:45 PM EST
    Rob, This article should help. The HVAC designer does not need to be local. He or she just needs the correct inputs to run the necessarily ...
  • Andrew Bater | Jan 21,2018 08:31 PM EST
    Randy, you have a good eye. Yes, that is a 4" gravity damper, turned around backwards. Similar to your thought of necking down a larger damper, I actually bought a better grade 6" balancing ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jan 21,2018 07:27 PM EST
    William, Ah - I think the confusion comes from calling it "uplift", which has a specific structural meaning. I quite agree that PWFs can pose a problem dealing with horizontal forces. That ...
  • Jon R | Jan 21,2018 07:15 PM EST
    > pretty decently thermally coupled to the air Over short time frames (minutes), drywall and slabs don't transfer very much heat to the air (I calculated it once). Heated air cycle times are ...
  • Robert Wan | Jan 21,2018 06:57 PM EST
    Dana, thanks for the reply. Location is York, Maine -- borderline zones 5 and 6. So 3" of open cell foam would work? That takes care of the joist bays but what about the foundation ...
  • | Jan 21,2018 06:42 PM EST
    google map photo.
  • | Jan 21,2018 06:30 PM EST
    photo of home layout
  • | Jan 21,2018 06:17 PM EST
    I guessed at the manual J, I looked up other 2500 sq foot homes in my area that had it done. I forgot where? but the home that I was going off was manual J 83k and it did not have vaulted ...
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