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8 Answers

Heating a tent

I use foil-faced bubble wrap inside a "Wildernest." A "Wildernest" is a tent that pops up out of my pickup truck topper.

I heat this ~200 ft³ area with a propane radiant heater. My thought was the foil would bounce the heat in to objects that could absorb it. Also this is a tent, so the R-1 value is appreciated.

The bubble wrap also folds up with the tent when the tent is stored inside the topper.

In General questions | Asked By Martin Holladay | Jan 10 18
3 Answers

Andersen 400 Series patio door kit - Home Depot product


((Sorry if this a bit outside the normal box for this site/forum but I could not post this question on the Breaktime site due to technical issues so thought I would present it here.)) Anyway. . .

I was in HomeDepot the other day and saw that they are now selling an Andersen 400 Series (sliding) patio door "system/kit." You basically purchase the following 4 separate components and assemble the unit on site:
(1) Door Jamb Kit - Appears to be a disassembled door jamb (4 sections) in a box;
(2) Doors - Choose a right or left operation door panel and a fixed panel;

In General questions | Asked By Pat Turley | Jan 10 18
5 Answers

Inline Windows shear blocks

I am strongly considering Inline Windows for our home in Lincoln, NE (zone 5). The Inline rep informed me that the shear blocks (see attached JPG) Inline uses to mechanically secure their frames are made of PVC.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Derrick Krienert | Jan 4 17
5 Answers

Can polyiso and spray foam contact a dryer duct?

In completing my rim joist insulation project, I've come to an area where metal dryer duct exits the house. Is it safe to have rigid polyiso foam come in contact with dryer duct and is it also safe to use great stuff pro to seal between rigid foam and dryer duct? Thanks so much!

In General questions | Asked By BuildingNewb | Jan 11 18
3 Answers

Balanced ventilation questions

I don't have access to the proper flow measurement equipment to test if my HRV is balanced properly, but I do have a slack tube manometer. I set it up and saw that the pressure differential was about 0.03 inches of watch column with the inside being slightly pressurized.

So, my questions: Is that good? Should I try to adjust it down to dead even? Is this even a reliable means of testing?

Thanks in advance.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Calum Wilde | Jan 11 18
1 Answer

Why do SRI ratings differ so greatly from roofing sheet metal manufacturers who appear to use similar products?

Berridge 24ga ratings are higher than Sheffield and and in some cases 40% for same products (pre-weathered galvalume) with Kynar 500 finish. Just wanted to put a good energy saving roof on home but trying to find best product.

In Green products and materials | Asked By mzgbs2 | Jan 10 18
3 Answers

2 speed vs. variable speed furmace blower

I'm about to order a replacement 40,000 BTU gas furnace for my house in Traverse City, MI, CZ6. It will have a 2 stage burner with an AFUE of 96%. It is available with a 2 speed ECM blower and one with that is continuously variable.

The house is 900 sq. ft. It has R10 basement walls, R20 walls and R50 ceiling.

What difference does a variable speed fan make, and is it worth $200?

Douglas Higden

In Mechanicals | Asked By thrifttrust | Jan 9 18
4 Answers

Is external insulation necessary for moisture control?

My new home will be in climate zone 4A, in the mountains of Virginia - a mixed humid climate. My budget is somewhat limited. Our house plans have 6" walls, 24" on center, with R23 mineral wool batts. Taped plywood sheathing, Tyvek, and vinyl siding on the outside. The main air barrier will be sealed exterior sheathing and the drywall ceiling. The house will be pretty air tight.

I will also be doing 2 additional things:

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Debra | Jan 9 18
6 Answers

New home building in Northern California: Some wall sheathing ommitted?

Hi All,
I live in Northern Calif about 50 miles south of Sacramento. Hot in the summer, usual NorCal rains and cooler temps in the winter, rarely below freezing. I bought a new construction home from a fairly well-known builder in a senior development which will have 3000 homes soon. They build these homes in about 90 days. I am watching a new construction home across the street being built.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By DDnorcal | Jan 9 18
4 Answers

How to prevent/slow heat from rising up stairwell?

Hi all,

I have a two-story home with a forced-air electric HVAC system. Heat is provided via a heat pump, with the air handler in the attic. The supply registers on the first floor are in the ceiling. The house's return is in the ceiling of the second floor.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Michael Caruso | Jan 8 18
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