Exterior Finish & Trim

The exterior finish is a building’s first defense against the weather, and its most visible aspect.

Building systems that rely on the exterior finish as the sole weather barrier are susceptible to failure—especially in climates with wind-driven rain or without good drying conditions. The driving forces of wind and other air-pressure factors will force moisture through even the smallest openings. Because of this, siding or curtain wall systems designed around the rain-screen principle are much more effective and durable. This strategy uses a vented exterior finish and a tightly sealed secondary barrier that work together to equalize the pressure on both sides of the exterior finish, taking away the forces that would otherwise drive moisture inwards.


Products in Exterior Finish & Trim

APEX Siding Systems
Reclaimed-Wood Lumber and Products
Armster Reclaimed Lumber Co.
Reclaimed-Wood Doors
Reclaimed Lumber Products
Boral Material Technologies Inc.
CalStar Products, Inc.
Roxul Inc.
Centurion Products, Inc.
Certified Red Cedar
Mary's River Lumber Co.
Chimney Balloon
Chimney Balloon LLC


Dec 28, 2017 11:52 PM ET

by Gregg Zuman

Looking for the stucco section under exterior finish, but no luck.