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6 Answers

Circulating air between floors

I don't see a lot of air mixing between floors in my (partly finished) house. We had a hot day here yesterday (34C / 93F), and by sunset the first floor was 22C / 72F while the upstairs was around 24.5C / 76F. This doesn't surprise me, as hot air obviously rises, plus the 1st floor has the benefit of the slab heat sink. What surprised me is that this morning the temperatures were the same. I would have thought with minimal heating going on during the night, they would have equalized at least somewhat.

Asked By Trevor Lambert | Jun 18 18
7 Answers

Cathedral ceiling and lights

We're building an ICF home with an unvented attic (rigid insulation over sheathing) and metal roof. The living room and kitchen will have a cathedral ceiling (roof 4:12 pitch). Living room will have a combination of sconces, pendants, LED strip lighting (indirect), and floor lamps.

The kitchen is another issue. The south wall will have two levels of windows with a counter and no overhead cabinets. We will have an island and plan to place pendants over the island. The north wall will have overhead cabinets with under-mount LED lights and LED strips for indirect lighting on top.

Asked By User-7022224 | May 18 18
1 Answer

Cedar ceiling in bathroom?

I want to install a cedar ceiling in my bathroom above the shower over the existing Sheetrock. Is there a vapor barrier needed or will i need any airspace between the ceder plank and the Sheetrock? I want planning on using any sealant on the wood. just tongue and groove planks and brad nail it up. Thanks for any help.

Asked By Cyprus2400 | Apr 18 18
4 Answers

Accidentally "built" a poor wall?

Have read through many of the assembly techniques here in the past, including the guidelines on insulating with rigid foam to avoid condensation / moisture accumulation and filed it all away as "stuff to worry about if / when we make changes to the house".

Fast forward to earlier this week... I went up to my son's room and went to straighten up the sheets on his bed, only to find that there was a large amount of water underneath the side of the bed closest to the wall. The floor underneath the wet side was freezing to the touch (barely warmer than the outdoor temperature).

Asked By Timothy Tucker | Dec 28 17
3 Answers

Soundproofing - adding drywall behind lathe for extra density

Hey GBA people,

I have a fun question regarding soundproofing.

The house is semi-detached and there is a 2x4 party wall. That needs some special attention for soundproofing. My plan is placing a 1 5/8 steel stud floating wall on my side of the party wall for decoupling and shafting. Filled with roxul safe n sound batting, MLV sheeting on the steel studs and 5/8 drywall.

Then I got sucked into an idea:

Asked By Jamie B | Sep 7 17
6 Answers

Vinyl plank flooring over concrete in a basement

I am doing the design to upgrade the basement of a house in Leadore, Idaho, 83464. A vinyl plank floor has been requested, to minimize the loss of headroom.

I've never worked with the vinyl plank before, and have some hesitancy about specifying it directly over the concrete. The building is built on an extremely well drained alluvial gravel, and the landscaping drains away from the building, so I don't expect any issues with water penetration, but I am concerned with the moisture wicking in from the slab, and condensation from the air.

Asked By Randall Thomas | Aug 7 17
2 Answers

Residential urinals: Show me your installations!

We are building a master bath where none has previously been. I'm looking into including a urinal into the design. I've got a 5x9 or 6x9 space available.

I'm looking for shots of your bathroom! How have you laid it out? What works? doesn't work? Any models you recommend?

Since I don't think we can post photos here, if you don't have yours already hosted somewhere, can you please email them to me?!

Thanks in advance,

Asked By User-6871020 | Jun 30 17
1 Answer

Best solar panel

I am looking for affordable solar panel for home. I have found these on this site: [Web page link deleted by editor.] Can anyone can check these and guide to purchase best and affordable solar panels for my home.


Asked By Toran | Jun 28 17
2 Answers

HRV/ERV space requirements for installation

For a system like Zehnder Q350, how much space should be reserved for installation?

My technical room will be on the first floor. I was planning to put it there. But, I am now worried that perhaps I'd need more space, because the placement is on the 1st floor, so I need to fold the ducts down, where duct distribution box is (in the concrete deck).

What is did find was an installation manual here:

Asked By davor radman | Jun 5 17
8 Answers

Microwave: High or low?

My wife and I know the pros and cons of having the microwave over the range (more cons than pros) but don't have any experience with the microwave under the counter.

What are your thoughts about putting the microwave under the island counter (safety, convenience or inconvenience)?

Asked By Mark Walker | May 12 17
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