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2 Answers

Attic open-cell foam: off-gasing / odor

We have a traditional 1966 two story home, dual-zoned home in Atlanta (zone 3A). On April 18th we had our existing inadequate fiberglass insulation removed and open cell foam installed in our 1200 sq ft attic. We have had odor / off-gasing problems since. On cool, cloudy days it’s not very noticeable but on hot, sunny days the odor is quite pronounced and our second floor A/C (handler in the attic) is not usable as it blows in the odor/gases. We’ve been living with open windows and fans upstairs since. The odor is closer to the paint-like I have read about, not the fish-like.

Asked By User-7075353 | May 22 18
11 Answers

Anyone use Dennyfoil to block fumes from a renovation?

A Contractor is renovating two walls in my apartment near the windows. I’m very chemically sensitive. one suggestion is to place dennyfoil on the wall to block the fumes from coming into my apartment.

Has anyone used it successfully for this purpose and have any suggestions
On how to reduce the risk of mold growing. One person suggested applying the foil tightly to the wall using tape. To not use the air conditioning. And to consider getting a dehumidifier when it’s humid in my apartment.

She also recommended I consult with a building science expert. Any advice or feedback?

Asked By Daisy63 | Jun 5 18
19 Answers

Recommended European Tilt Turn Options with Thinnest Site Line

We had originally specced our project with Yaro UPVC but were considering options with smaller frames and similar high performance windows. One option is the Tanner Vitra.

The Vitra frame is 3.3” while the Yaro frame (currently specified product) is 4.6”. A difference of 1.3” in frame width. This equates to 2.6” more glass in both height and width (2 x frame dim.). This narrower frame will significantly change the feeling of openness one gets from a window of equal size. Of course the Vitra is more expensive and we're estimating about 45% more. Performance-wise they're very similar.

Asked By J M | Apr 7 18
3 Answers

Best paint that reflects solar radiation?

I have a white stucco house that is poorly insulated and when it receives sunlight in the evening, the walls get quite warm as measured with an infrared thermometer. It has R-7 insulation in the 2X4 walls so there is something but not a whole lot. Anyway, I wanted to know if there is a good paint that can reflect solar energy.

Asked By Dave R | Jun 10 18
5 Answers

Safe'n'Sound R-0 (?) vs Comfortbatt R-15 for Interior 2x4 Walls only

Safe'n'sound vs Comfortbatt
R-? (Not rated) vs R-15
3" thick vs 3.5" thick
estimated cost per sq ft: $0.80 vs $0.77

I read somewhere that Safe'n'Sound is denser and better at sound insulating.Which I like the sound of. :) But my mind says "What about that last 1/2" that Safe'n'Sound doesn't fill? I think it ought to be filled. And why can't someone (or has someone) tested the R-value of the Safe'n'Sound? I should just go with the was easy enough to install...

Any opinions? (wink wink)....Thanks in advance.

Asked By Inger Peters | Jun 6 18
3 Answers

Interior Doors: Solid wood vs MDF vs Molded

Interior doors come in solid wood, which is probably the safest, but also most expensive. Trying to discern which are the most affordable. Does someone have a good internet source for solid wood interior prehung doors whose price competes with either MDF or molded?

Interior Doors also come in MDF and molded. MDF is often suspect due to the off gassing.
Does the concern with MDF apply to interior doors, or just trim that may be cut on site and may not be sealed all four sides?
- If the concern applies to interior doors, are there any brands that are better than others?

Asked By c l | Jun 3 18
10 Answers

Ecodrain Drain Water Heat Recovery

I first learned about Drain Water Heat Recovery pipes here on GBA and wanted to give back a very small token of appreciation in a short review.

I recently ordered and installed Ecodrain's V1000 and have been quite impressed with it. It's near the top of the CSA B55.1 list for highest efficiency and the price is quite reasonable:
3-inch diameter models:

VT1000-3-36 .......... $469
VT1000-3-48 .......... $524--my model
VT1000-3-60 .......... $564
VT1000-3-72 .......... $614

4-inch diameter models:

VT1000-4-36 .......... $549
VT1000-4-48 .......... $644

Asked By pat beurskens | May 22 18
10 Answers

Water Testing After Pex Repipe

I live in South Orange County, California, a repiping companies paradise. A massive amount of newer homes are being forced to repipe due to copper failing and slab leaks. The pinhole leaks begin developing between 8 to 15 years after the home is built and sometimes sooner. The theory according to most is that the builders went cheap and installed copper M in the homes, while the water company uses cholormine which the Copper M can’t handle. Most repiping companies will recommend PEX A, but also market USA made Copper L for the repipe.

Asked By JohnZ99 | May 16 18
2 Answers

Comfortbatt/Rockwool/Roxul and temporary compressibility

I have some framers coming tomorrow and have a basement wall being constructed inside the existing wall so as to insulate inside the stem wall. I'm planning on using rockwool comfortbatt at the bottom of the wall to allow for some breathability of the stem wall.

Will I be able to squeeze the 5.5" comfortbatt through a 3-3.5" wide opening (it will expand to full size, once in the wall)?

It hard to tell if it can compress that much, even intermittently, though I'm guessing so.

Asked By rossn1 | May 20 18
3 Answers

Low-maintenance siding for Vermont

I am considering changing the majority of the siding (3000-4000 of 5000 sq ft) from weather atlantic cedar rainscreen design to a low maintenance pre-finished siding to save money on a project. Anyone have experience with these and/or recommend other options?

Certainteed Icon prefinished 30 year 16' -
Boral Truexterior prefinished 15 year 16' -
Everlast 12' - prefinished lifetime -

Asked By J M | May 15 18
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