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Presenters Peter Yost and Mike Guertin were inundated with questions during their 12/18/2009 webinar Got Mold? - Energy Efficiency and Moisture Management.

This forum is a space for questions that Peter and Mike were unable to get to during the 60-minute presentation.

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1 Answer

How can we contact/communicate with members who have posted on blog?

Would like to contact a member who has posted a question on a blog as I have a similar project that was described by this member. How do I contact another member?

Thank you

Asked By trent willey | Apr 11 18
1 Answer

Martin - Knee wall and foam

Martin, I recently asked question about air washing insulation in knee wall applications and you suggested foam backing and said it would not create a double moisture barrier. (can't seem to add a follow-up question to the thread) I have since read several other posts on this site which suggested that foil faced foam in this application would create a moisture trap. Please clarify.

Asked By Bob Brown | May 28 17
1 Answer

Moisture where ceiling and walls meet on exterior walls

Hi I recently read a article on here talking about my exact problem and that someone had did a study to fix it , I was having trouble completely understanding if the three things they did worked at all? One was insatlling 6 inch insulated crown moulding in the interior of the house. I can't find it for sale anywhere and I read another article that some guy used 6 inch mdf crown moulding and drilled holes in it and sprayed great stuff into it but he never said if that fixed his issue or not.

Asked By Patrick Conry | Dec 8 16
8 Answers

Slow rise foam or dense pack cellulose in roof slope?

Cape Cod style house– i.e., under roof is kneewall, slope, and small collar attic above the flat bedroom ceilings

1925 house in Washington DC area with slate roof on front side of house, asphalt shingles in back. Roof deck is boards, not plywood or OSB. Currently there is a small amount of cellulose on “attic” floor and some poorly installed fiberglass batts on some areas of roof deck in kneewalls.

Asked By elizabeth hilder | May 17 15
3 Answers

Everything at GBA is "Green Pro"?

Hey guys, I have no access to any story in the newletter as if it's all pro. John

Asked By john bailey | Oct 9 13
1 Answer

What's a good low-VOC shingle that lasts, say, 40 years?

I'm thinking 5 sun tunnels and two skylights would be easier to install on a shingled roof, also the dormer maybe.

Asked By Catherine Tilton | Jun 26 12
1 Answer

When will Part 2 of the webinar "From Designed to Built: Delivering Your Green Home" be available?

From Designed to Built: Delivering Your Green Home: I read the short transcript of this webinar, since I am currently working with an architect and a "volunteer" builder to develop the plans for a green home of ~ 3400 SF.

The information on your website was excellent and very pertinent to what I am presently it possible to revisit the actual webinar broadcast which I think was aired in late October and.....when is part 2 scheduled to air?
Thanks, Bob Weber

Asked By Robert Weber | Nov 3 11
0 Answers

Is the new Foam Sealant product by Owens Corning effective as an air sealant and safe for human health?

I am working on a project for a client who has a home on the bay just north of Galveston Island,on the mainland .
This is an existing 4 year old house. As it is positioned it receives on the South face of the house a wind from the South which is super saturated with moisture.

In the attic,we have had a lot of problems with this moisture laden air infiltrating through the most minimal of openings,cracks and even between where the sheetrock and the side of the top plate touch.There is also a negitive pressure existing within the envelope of the house.

Asked By Craig Manuel | Aug 14 11
6 Answers

Moisture condensation

I recently installed dense-pack cellulose in a 1929 home. After the install, the amount of moisture condensing on the windows increased significantly. Why would this happen. The relative humidity in the home should be the exact same before and after. The windows are original with fully closed storms.

Asked By Anonymous | Dec 21 09
15 Answers

Is it possible to eliminate condensation with insulation?

I was wondering if it was possible to insulate so much that the dew point actually occurs in the insulation? Also if this was to occur would it eliminate condensation or would it still occur within the insulation? I can see this as maybe being a possibility in a ceiling but would it be possible in a wall?

Asked By Mick Paterson | Dec 23 09
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