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Can a Tech Company Build a City? Ask Google

Sidewalk Toronto will become a 1,200-acre testing ground for new tech products

Posted on Feb 8 2018 by Anonymous


Sidewalk Labs, the urban innovation startup owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has announced a partnership with the City of Toronto to develop a new waterfront precinct. Time to ask Google: Can you build a city?

The Quayside precinct, dubbed “Sidewalk Toronto,” is to become a 500-hectare (1,236-acre) sandpit for testing a suite of new tech products. The aim is to radically reimagine the way a city is made. (Further reading: Creative City, Smart City … Whose City Is It?.)

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  1. Blair Stirrett via Flickr

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Serenbe: a Green Town in the Making

Developer Steve Nygren is putting New Urbanist principles into practice at the Serenbe Community outside Atlanta

Posted on Sep 12 2013 by Alex Wilson

I’m just back from Atlanta, where I spoke on Saturday at the new Bosch Experience Center located in the unique Serenbe Community thirty miles southwest of Atlanta.

I gotta say, I was impressed!

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  1. Alex Wilson

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Ringside Seats on an Urban Planning Rivalry

Competing approaches to community design both claim environmental high ground

Posted on Feb 15 2011 by Richard Defendorf

In one corner we have New Urbanism, an approach to urban planning that favors residential density and mixed use over suburban sprawl and dependence on the automobile. In the other corner is Landscape Urbanism, which sees suburban development not only as market-proven and integral to our way of life, but also as an opportunity to ecologically harmonize each community with its environment — in spite of suburbia’s reliance on the automobile.

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  1. Seaside, Florida

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Not So Big House, Green Building, and New Urbanism Converge

Architect/Author Sarah Susanka declares a joint venture between better homes, better neighborhoods, and a brighter future in the housing market.

Posted on Jul 14 2010 by Carl Seville

Sarah Susanka, in a talk at a recent meeting of the Green Building Council of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association, was her usual, charming self. Sharing ideas from several of her nine best-selling books about right-sized, well-designed homes, she moved deftly from architectural details to new urbanism. One of her more interesting points was the value of following your personal passions.

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Congress for the New Urbanism Lands in Atlanta

Seein' you at CNU (coined by Fernando Pages)

Posted on Jun 1 2010 by Carl Seville

I had the pleasure of attending the 18th Congress for the New Urbanism in Atlanta this year. I have been following the development of the New Urbanism movement since its early days, having been introduced to it by my friend Peter Katz, who wrote one of the first books on the subject, The New Urbanism, almost 20 years ago.

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A Net-Zero-Energy Community Near Boulder

Incorporating New Urbanism principals, well insulated envelopes, and renewable-energy features, Geos would be one of the largest NZE communities in the U.S.

Posted on Sep 4 2009 by Richard Defendorf

A few years ago, developer Norbert Klebl enlisted the help of Michael Tavel Architects and David Kahn Studio, both based in Colorado, to design a mixed-use community that would offer not only New Urbanism amenities such as plentiful open space and a pedestrian-friendly layout, but enough energy efficiency to allow the community to operate at net zero energy.

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A 10th Anniversary for a New-Urbanism Project

Perry Rose LLC, the developer of an infill project called Highlands’ Garden Village, near Denver, highlights the community’s mixed-use and green strategies

Posted on Jun 16 2009 by Richard Defendorf

When it convened in Denver last week, the Congress for the New Urbanism’s 17th Annual Congress had a couple of local, working examples of new urbanism to tout: downtown Denver’s trendily revitalized Larimer Square and the decade-old mixed-use community called Highlands’ Garden Village, about 10 minutes north of the city.

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  1. Scott Dressel / Courtesy of the Jonathan Rose Companies

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