S 5//Flanged window installation // water managed // housewrap//Step 5

A water-managed window installation properly weatherlaps and integrates the window unit and the rough opening flashings and weather-resistive barrier (WRB). It is appropriate for moderate to high weather exposure. In this 14-step installation series, the window unit goes in before the WRB (housewrap) goes up.

Details that show the complete and final configuration of window installations are fine, but window installation step-by-step series are where the rubber meets the road.


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Feb 22, 2012 2:06 PM ET

Error in Sequence of this Detail Description?
by Kevin Witt

This series is a bit confusing since the description mentions the window unit is installed before the housewrap goes in, but the sequence of the details shows it the other way around. I work in Seattle and have always installed windows prior to housewrap (although with a similar multi-step process) and am seeking some clarification. Thanks!